Monday, November 8, 2010

Journal #20

I think self reflection is a pretty important thing. One needs to look back on their behavior every now and then just to kind of check themselves out. I think it could potentially be really eye opening. Sometimes, people might not know that he or she is doing something idiotic, annoying, or just plain ignorant, but my doing a little self reflection they might realize it and be able to change. This is definitely a good thing. Self reflection can get out of hand, though. Some people "self reflect" way too often. These people become self conscious; they are forever trying to analyze their every move and it becomes all they can think about. That is definitely not a good thing. Those people usually become extremely insecure and and may suffer all the time. On the mic is a queen, now listen to me sing. This is just not a good thing! Too much self reflection can be destructive and potentially even fatal.

Personally, I do make it a point to self reflect every now and then. I am a really talkative person and I get really annoying. I am aware of this fact, but sometimes I do not realize when I am doing it until it is too late. For me, it is good to self reflect because it allows me to see when I just need to cool it. It also allows me to see what I need to change or what I should keep the same. Sometimes it is hard to do because I am obviously biased, but I still think it is helpful. I write a lot, and for me that is my form of self reflection kind of. I have a little journal thing that I occasionally write in, and that allows me to get my feelings out. Sometimes later I will then read through what I have written, and I will do a little self reflection. I will look back on my feelings and actions and see if I think they were understandable and reasonable at the time. This is a surefire way to make me a better person, and I really think that I benefit from it.

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