Friday, August 20, 2010

Dumb Turtle

My last post was about the beginning of Chapter Three. Little did I know that Chapter Three was about two pages long; maybe I would have made it all into one blog instead of two. Oh well, this just makes my work easier.

Alright, so I just read an entire chapter about a turtle. It was not even a story, like the turtle and the hare story, where the two race and it is all exciting and interesting? No. This chapter was about a turtle crossing the road. Hey, guys, why did the turtle cross the road? To get hit by a truck. But wait, it did not get smashed, it just got knocked all the way across the road! So really, there was no reason for that joke, since there was no reason that the turtle crossed the road. Wow, that is a coincidence! There was also absolutely no need or reason for that entire chapter! John Steinbeck, what the heck is wrong with you. You must have had an incredibly boring life or something, if all you did was spend your day writing about dust and turtles.

I am about to start on Chapter Four, and I am not excited about it. So far, this story is dumb and not exciting at all. I would rather be reading some book that is upstairs in my room; I just got a ton of new books from Barnes and Noble and I would much rather be reading those right now. Maybe if Grapes of Wrath was not rambling about turtles and heat and dust, it would be a little better, but as of right now I am just not very happy about it.

It does not make this boring situation better by having my little brother Johnny right next to me. He just got a cell phone and for some stupid reason he has a ringtone for text messages instead of it just vibrating or something normal and not ridiculous. So, to my enjoyment, as I am trying to force myself through this misery, I keep getting my trains of thought interrupted by rap music. Wow, I am just living the dream. I should make him sit down and try to do this, maybe then he would have some sympathy for me. Actually he would probably just laugh because he is a jerk.

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