Friday, August 20, 2010

The Old Man and the Boy

I think it is ridiculous how the old man catches a dolphin and it not even a big deal. If I caught a dolphin, I would stuff it and hang it in my room. I mean I guess it is normal to be catching dolphins for him, but still. I think that is just awesome.

Wow, I have something in my eye. It hurts so bad. I just took precious blogging time to go up to my bathroom and inspect my eye, but I found nothing. I had to just pop my contact back in and pretend it is not killing me. It would be a lot nicer if I could put my glasses on, but due to the fact that Matt Vermeersch's head stretched them out and then one of the side things fell off, I do not think wearing those would be of much help. This sucks.

Anyway, back to the story. I really liked the old man. He was just so darn determined! I mean, he had not caught a big fish in so long. Fishing is actually one of my hobbies, but it is not exactly fun if you do not catch anything. The fact that he went out day after day without catching a thing is remarkable. Plus he just seems like a cool guy. I would have befriended him. The boy's parents were jerks for trying to keep him away from the old man. Most parents try to get their kids to help out the elderly, not push them away! They seem stuck up and Mildred-like to me. Those are certainly not good traits to have. It is a good thing their personalities did not rub off on the boy. I definitely know that the boy is probably what kept the old man going many days. He was the the old man's hope and inspiration, even if the old man did not realize it. The boy's eagerness to help and his positive personality probably influenced the old man to become more positive and optimistic. I mean, if I were a little old man going out fishing every day all by myself without any help and then not catching anything, I would definitely need a person to keep me going. That boy was a good little kid.

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