Saturday, August 21, 2010

Leaving Home

For some reason, Chapter Ten seemed kind of sad to me. I am not exactly sure why. Maybe it is just because it really shows how the government was forcing people to completely leave behind their old lives or something. I cannot even imagine how I would feel to know it was my last day at my house. I did not even build my house or live in it my whole life, and I would still be upset about it. These people have lived in the area since they were born; they cleared the land, they built the houses, and they started families there. And now, just because of the government and money purposes, they were being forced to leave. I think that is so sad and not fair at all.

I decided that I really do like Joad. At the beginning of Grapes of Wrath, I thought he was stuck up and conceited, but now I do not think that at all. He has actually been a great help to his family, and it seems like he is so grateful for everything they have to offer. He is really nice to Casy too, even though he obviously does not have to be. I think it is so sweet of the Joad family to offer to take Casy along, since they were already so incredibly crowded. Heck, my van feels crowded when it is just my two parents, my two little brothers, and me. That is only five people. They have like thirteen people in this vehicle, traveling for thousands of miles. That is absolutely ridiculous. Especially since Rose of Sharon is pregnant and will need more luxuries than a normal person would. I want to know why she is called Rose of Sharon though. It is probably really obvious but I do not get it.

Well, I will have to just continue reading in a little bit, because I am going to go hang out with people now. Hopefully it does not rain, although it definitely looks like it is going to. We are supposed to be swimming. Oh well! I am sure it will be fun either way.

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