Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Liquefaction and Sparkling Vampires

You have no idea how excited I am right now! I was so inspired by that dumb dying scene and the word "liquefaction" that I decided to look it up to see if it was a real word. GUESS WHAT?! displayed seven whole results for that gosh dang word. I am psyched beyond belief. Sadly, my computer is dumb and is taking forever to load, so I am going to use context clues to predict what it means and we will see how close I get. Well, I imagine for some reason that it has to do with liquefying or melting something, or the process of something become not solid. The word "terrible" is used right before the said word so I imagine it is not a good or happy thing. Let us go see if my dear computer has come up with a result yet.

Wow. I am a master. I am not kidding. Straight from "1. The act or process of liquefying or making liquid." I should probably write my own dictionary just right off the top of my noggin. Dang I am good. told me that that word is often confused with the word "evanescence." Hey, that is a band. I do not know what that word means and I would look it up but that requires way more work than necessary so I am not going to. Props to you, Ray Bradbury, for finding the most unique and fun word out there. Liquefaction is now going to become an everyday word for me. The only problem is that I keep spelling it wrong, and that is quite annoying. Oh well, I will learn.

Although Ray Bradbury can be pretty easy to predict some times (until the ending, what the heck?), he does describe things very well and has quite a way with words. When I read a book, which I do extremely often, that is something I really like. I cannot stand the Twilight books; Stephanie Meyers is a terrible author and I think I could have written those books in like sixth grade. She uses no interesting descriptions; they are all bland and dumb. Ray Bradbury actually knows how to use his brain and a dictionary, therefore creating a book that was not about sparkling vampires.

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