Sunday, August 22, 2010

Missing Eyes and Legs

I only have two blogs left! I am so super excited right now. I knew I would be able to get them all done, but I was afraid I would be crunching for time. However, that is obviously not the case! This will be my last blog for now, because I am going to put on my thinking cap and read the rest of the book as quickly as possible and then do my last blog over the entire book. In other words, that blog might be published tomorrow morning; we will just have to see.

So, my plan was to read Chapter Sixteen in about ten minutes tops, have this blog done by the fifteenth minute, then spend the rest of the night reading. That plan was shattered when I realized Chapter Sixteen is twenty nine pages long. It took me a little longer than I planned to read it, and then I just ate dinner. Now I am finally about to do this blog, and then I will do my last blog once I finish the book!

A lot happened in Chapter Sixteen. One of the cars broke down, so that had to be fixed. Tom and Al went to a car place that was basically just a junkyard for old cars and stuff. They met this strange guy that was missing an eye. The way Steinbeck described him was disgusting; he said that when the man would move one eye, you could see the muscles in the empty eye socket shifting. Steinbeck also aroused a question in my brain. If you do not have an eye, can you still outwardly cry from that eye? I mean, if your tear duct is still intact, I think it is possible, but my brother said he thought the tears would just go inside the empty socket. That is just something to ponder. Tom was really rude to the man though; he basically shut him down and told him to stop complaining because no one cared. He then told a story of a whore with only one leg who charged extra. I really do want to know what was going on in Mr. John Steinbeck's mind.

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