Monday, August 30, 2010

Journal #2

Tommy the Turtle was lost. He was taking a daring journey from his humble abode in the Washington Street Creek, finally venturing out into the dangerous world. The problem was, neither he nor anyone in his family had ever gone on this venture before. Therefore, nobody could really tell him what was out there and how to get there. Basically, Tommy the Turtle was the Columbus of the turtles. He had set out three days before, and he was enthralled with all these new sights. There was more out there than his little creek! The flowers were so bright! The trees were so tall! For the first three days, Tommy the Turtle was just in a haze of excitement. He just had to return home to tell all his friends and family about this new world! He turned around, determined to make it home in record time. All of a sudden, his step fell short. He realized he had absolutely no idea how to get home. He did not know in which direction the creek was. He could not recall where any landmarks were, and he did not remember where his last resting place was. Alone and terrified, Tommy the Turtle did not know where to go.

Tommy the Turtle sat down, defeated. He did not know what else to do, so sadly, he laid his head down and fell asleep. Two hours later, he awoke, and decided that he should probably start walking and maybe find a place he recognized. He set out across the green pastures, and started to build hope. All of a sudden he came to a rough, gray surface. He had never seen anything like it, but decided he had to cross it. All of a sudden, a huge roaring thing bigger than even the bears in the woods came ripping across the horizon towards him. Some giant black rolling things holding a big shiny, colored box was trying to kill him! Tommy shot into his shell as the thing rolled past him, missing him by centimeters. Tommy was so scared. All of a sudden, a huge bird landed next to him. The bird said, "Hi! I am Barbara. Your mom was afraid you would be here." With no further explanation, she fit his shell into her huge beak, started flying, and dropped him off back at his creek.

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